Welcome to Klein and Sons Logging,Inc.

Here at Klein & Son's Logging, Inc. there is no question that we rely on the resources provide to us through forestry, logging and timber.

From a forest management standpoint, when trees are mature to over mature they overtop successive generations of trees thereby retarding their growth and depriving them of sunlight required for better productivity and vigor. By removing part of the large overstory, these trees are then released to become the dominant trees in the forest canopy. Also, very mature trees reach an optimum age concerning growth and wood quality. After this optimum is reached the trees begin a downward trend with regard to productivity. The trees rings and grain begin to loosen, thereby losing their economic value.

If you would like your timber appraised, We are willing to do so at no cost or obligation. Our appraisal would be based upon a selective harvest, whereby the future forest would benefit from such a cutting with a minimal visual impact.